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항균 안전손잡이 - Care

Hygiene of non self-sufficient persons, who are often elderly, is indispensable for improving their quality of life. Across all cultures, a neat and clean appearance fosters a person’s wellbeing and sense of worth.

For this type of care, essential aspects include personnel, a correct work method and - above all - adequate work equipment, in order to ensure an optimal care-giving process.

Ponte Giulio offers a varied selection of products that are essential for arranging assisted bathroom environments. The solutions vary according to the hygiene and washing requirements of self-sufficient persons who are temporarily disabled or have impaired physical abilities due to diseases or age.

Besides these highly specific products, the Ponte Giulio range also includes aids, shower seats, bathrooms or washbasins, accessories and sanitary fittings for arranging bathroom environments of hospitals or shelter homes.




A Mirror, tilting, safety glass, with

led lighting

B Pair of handles for front wash basin

C Side safety grab bar, fixed

D Safety grab bar, straight

E Ergonomic wash basin

F Stool, slat, with grab bars


A Stainless steel shelf

B Ergonomic wash basin

C Safety grab bar, vertical, wall to floor

D Safety grab bar, vertical, wall to wall



A Shower curtain rail, U-shaped

B Seat, removable, slat seat and back

C Safety grab bar, “T” shaped




A Folding safety support with electrical

button for flushing and help

B Back rest

C Safety grab bar, folding

D Insertable roll holder

E Toilet brush holder with brush

F Prolonged WC bowl, front opening, hung



A Sanitary module for WCs

B Safety grab bar, folding

C WC with front opening, hung

D Thermostatic mixer

E Shower head, button operated



A Back rest

B Safety grab bar, folding, with arm rest

C Toilet brush holder with brush

D Integrated WC, front opening, hung

E Spare roll holder

F Roll holder

G L-shaped grab bar



A Safety grab bar, vertical wall to wall

B Toilet brush holder with brush

C Integrated WC, front opening, floor

D Safety grab bar, folding



A U-shaped curtain rod

B Safety grab bar with shower holder

C Folding seat, stainless steel and slats

D Corner shower cabinet with two door

panels, cam opening

E Acrilic stone, shower tray

F Head shower holder

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