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항균 안전손잡이 - Public areas

Environments such as airports, railway stations, motorway services, libraries, theatres, sports centres or even offices, cafés and restaurants are occasionally or continuously populated by crowds of people each with different needs, physical

characteristics and cultures. Bathroom facilities in these places and in particular the products used inside them must comply with characteristics such as robustness, ease in maintenance and practical simplicity, and similarly the materials used and the plumbing systems must be appropriate for these kinds of users.


Anyone who needs to use a bathroom facility of this kind even on rare occasions, places trust and attention in its safety features. In this sense an “inclusive” approach in design would allow the integration of the needs and requirements of groups of people who had been marginalised up to now, thereby making bathroom areas totally suited to anyone, whether they are children, adults, elderly or disabled.

This is why a bathroom area should be organised and conceived in a flexible manner so that significant intervention

work can be avoided, which might therwise lead to breaks in service; a response to this kind of need is provided by Ponte Giulio, capable of guaranteeing long-term experience with this kind of installation.




A Mirror, stainless steel frame

B Liquid soap dispenser, stainless steel

C Thermostatic mixer touch-free

D Acrylic stone console with front


E Hand dryer



A WC, front opening, floor

B Flush tank, ABS

C Safety grab bar, folding

D Safety grab bar, vertical, wall to wall

E Roll paper dispenser, stainless steel



A Mirror, stainless steel frame

B Liquid soap dispenser, stainless steel

C Towel dispenser, stainless steel

D Thermostatic mixer, touch-free

E Acrylic stone console with front downstand

F Waste bin, stainless steel


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