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Great partner for the challenged and elder’s healthy lives.

Company to lead the welfare product market.
NovelGio will be a reliable partner for your.

Since its establishment in 1998, NovelGio has been manufacturing and supplying products for the handicapped and elderly for over 30 years at home and overseas. At our company, skilled workers use our reliable production system to manufacture products that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our production of small amounts can greatly contribute to better competitiveness. We are the first Korean company to provide the handicapped or elderly with bath services by providing bath supplementary devices (shower trolleys), mouth care products (Oralbite, Openwide, Oralswab), dementia patient products (gloves, belts, indoor suits), hygienic products (bed water proofing covers, diaper covers, urinary incontinence undergarments). We are currently developing various types of user friendly and stylish products for the elderly through endless R&D and improvement efforts. Beginning with Taiwan in 2002, we have begun to supply our products to the Asian markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries as well as Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

To establish excellent product quality management, all of our employees are closely cooperating with our main partners. We are developing various new and high quality products with competitive costs to maintain our reputation as a leading company in the field of convenience products for the handicapped and elderly.

Thank you for your time.

CEO Oh Chan-Woo

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